Wednesday, 16 June 2010

G.G.F.H.(Global Genocide Forget Heaven)

Avoiding the lame and boring "essay" on the subject lets just say that it made perfect sense for a substancial amount of people involved in the late 80s/early90s Death-Black underground scene to welcome USA´ G.G.F.H. as one of their own so to speak...
...releases through a Peaceville sub-label?Yes .
Tours with My dying bride who at the time were widely perceived as a Death-Doom outfit...all factual,yes ,
yet the main reason for this unlikely acceptance is much opposed to their peers in Skinny Puppy,Coil,Ministry ,etc etc GGFH un/consciously opted for a language which was way closer to that of Death-Black underground:
The Satanic trait was there (LaVeyan sort of individualist/Hedonistic crap but yeah) ;
the "lo-fi" production/performance values;
the stage show even ,which was basically a reflection of the themes explored on the albums(TV sets transmiting random images of snuff,porn ,assorted so called human perversions,religious junk,bloodbuckets,evisceration of stuffed dolls ,you get the picture).
On the other hand their peers looked either tame in comparison or made impenetrable by a much more complex language which was of no relevance whatsoever to what was being answered by/asked of metal ...
(tiresome) here´s hoping that was highly interesting and full of sense ... you have all my cds here(320kbps-I seem to enjoy this bit,as a matter of fact so much that I´m tempted to add that these are all out-of-print now ) and the 2005 SS album which I do not own etc etc

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