Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Some days ago I was having this little casual chat with Namru_Xul which loosely involved a relative´s suicide,drugs,insanity and ... HAWKWIND.
Well,(un)fortunately I do not keep any archives anywhere but Namru quite blatantly
(and to my total disbelief) expresssed the will to post the latter´s entire (Official and Unofficial) discography.
Well , see this as my contribution/introduction (that "rare" bootleg I told you of will be coming soon too as soon as I find it)to your future post ,
or who the hell knows? Maybe we´ll be working together on this one...
As a taste of what´s to come here´s some random compilation cd nicked from HMV or Virgin,not too sure now,in London(center,near Trocadero) at a time when life was as simple as nicking wine bottles from Marks & Spencers(the one almost right opposite to Brixton´s tube station for instance),
selling it to local restaurant owners
for 20 quid - Tenner B bag/Tenner W bag ...
Launder,fold,repeat (locations may vary)...
...but yeah man , I DO dare you!!!!

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