Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Skin Chamber

The single most impressive "Industrial-Metal"(so much more than this though) albums of all time.
Hardly surprising if one is to take into consideration that both Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty are the USA´s equivalent to,say,Einsturzende Neubauten in Europe - in other words,pioneers/innovators in the US´s ambient-noise-industrial etc scene (if there ever was one at all) ... so, basically people who´ve been experimenting with sound in general since as early as the late 70s
,having released countless albums as Controlled Bleeding prior to this "project"... and speak of longevity paying off - the way sound is used in here in order to evoke mood - space denotes exactly that imo (listen to a song like "in the sewer of dreams" to name but one) -
... and yeah ,we also have the "Metal" part to it (not that I´m in some way disassociating it from the above or anything), well , it´s 91, those of you who were around and into metal (not necessarily metal-metal,more like all that exciting new extreme music that was being released by labels like Earache for instance) can fairly easy attest that 91 was a peak of sorts(in creativity,extremity,you name it) for taht style of music thus making perfect sense that "outsiders" such as CB opted to dabble with it while doing these two albums which were quite clearly an outlet for a Darker vision.

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