Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Skinny Puppy

Industrial culture has run a parallel to metal for its duration. Its own rules, its own underground, its own level of complete abandonment of human morality while pushing the boundaries of taste. While metal stuck to blue collar aesthetics and horror movie influenced shock value, industrial was defining horror and pushing its limits. Industrial was the pool so much of metal drank from for its new influences. The cold rhythmic sound of steel clanking on steel producing death itself in its factories. The soundtrack to end of the world destruction constructing. Where metal was content to speak of Satan and mythological terrors, industrial spoke of the horrors of daily life in laboratories and factories. The perversion of the human creature in robotic voices. Future speak and Orwellian sensibilities. Oil, ash, pollution, concrete, nuclear waste, bombed out cities and the buildings of today as the ruins of tomorrow. No forests, no utopian futures, no peace. Just the end result of man's own self assured destruction.
Skinny Puppy are the bards of the apocalypse. Through their long career they have explored, influenced and become legends of music. They've influenced so many artists it's almost impossible to even think of a world without them. The perverted mirror of man's design refracting images from their twisted chambers... The image you see is not the image you started with, but the image far more honest than what you were to begin with.
Listen to it all, absorb it all ravenously, pray to whatever God you find solace in. This is terror incarnate. This is Skinny Puppy...


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