Sunday, 8 November 2009

2 months and 200 posts of Xul

Attn: All Xulborg Divisions

For 2 yaurons the NebulaCruiser Xul has been actively surveying the galaxy for resource strip mining. Returning probes have been found with overloaded sensors at the possibilities found on the outer rim sectors. Core worlds have continued to supply a steady stream of material for Xulborg training. What does this tell us? That there is a universe out there for Xul to subjugate. Its will absolute, its resolve never wavering. Xul is the now and the future.

The Xulim are active in their expansion plans. Educational training and reprogramming remains the prime focus. Xulborg legions being programmed, armed and unleashed upon unsuspecting populaces. Infiltration and assimilation of viable candidates remains the prime directive for all Xulborgs in field.

Operations are currently exceeding all projections. Xul and the Xul Ex Machina congratulate you on your success.

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