Saturday, 28 November 2009


Punk Rock is another genre of music that like metal has had its own lurid history full of twists, turns, genre splits, genre offshoots, crossovers, drama, murders, suicides, drugs and all the fun stuff that its preferred cousin for incest has gone through. Both are a form of social protest, with each having their later generations destroy the original meaning and message of the the genres they claim to hail from. Metal's darkness gave way to songs about breaking up with your girlfriend. Punk's social satire gave way to breaking up with your girlfriend. Both lay in ruins as a result. But that under current keeps flowing. The ultimate Fukk You practices of GG Allin and his ilk spewed forth Antiseen. Southern Fried Punk with a heapin' helpin' of white trash food staples.. Rock and roll, fried chicken, rasslin', tractor pulls and sitting around on the porch drinking beer and farting out songs dedicated to promoting their lifestyle. They've also been doing it for longer than most fans of punk and metal have been alive. Still awesome, still ugly and still ready to put a swamp mud encrusted boot in your ass for even daring to suggest a Toyota truck is better than a 77 Chevy Stepside.


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