Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Around the turn of the millennium black metal was at a crossroads.
The older bands had begun to grow tired of the sounds of their hungry youth. In self applied force of change, they either experimented themselves out of contention, or simply mailed in albums to appease fan bases that had no problem with mediocrity, so long as the pants still fit.
Then there were those off the wall bands that were never content to do the same thing twice that constantly were reinventing themselves... Thus gaining respect and scorn from fans that either got it or didn't. Love em' or hate em' as it goes.
Dodheimsgard were one of those bands, from one of those camps of musicians that had a band for every mood they felt. Which can be a positive as it leads to more purity of vision with each idea. DHG, as they later renamed themselves were the inspired madness of these efforts.
Never staying in one spot for long, Xul could easily do a discography post on them, but this effort, Satanic Art, is more than enough to set you on your path. Some of the most mind bending black metal to be made... and only 3 real songs. Short and sweet while leaving them hungry. The supply ran out too fast on this one.

Touch the devilish one

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