Sunday, 22 November 2009

Il Balletto di Bronzo - YS

I could never say enough about this release. Some hold it to be the greatest prog album ever recorded. At the very least, you would have to be a mongoloid to not agree that it is one of the best to ever come from the Italian scene. It is one of those albums that is 100% perfection from start to finish. A dark cornucopia of seering acid laced guitar, swirling mist infused green colored electronics, and heavy rhythms so complex your mind wont know what to do. and in all likelyhood, you wont be able to understand it with one listen. This can be a tough album to get into. There is nothing catchy here. No repeating melodies for you to latch on to. Just an ever progressing psychedelic tapestry. Allow this album to fully sink in over many listens. You will discover that you're listening to something truly unique and amazing. Break out the blotter acid, it's time to experience greatness.


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