Thursday, 19 November 2009

Municipal Waste, Off With Their Heads, Phobia, Cauldron

November 15th, The Casbah, San Diego.

Like I'd go to this shit? They wanted 15 bucks to get into this, so I decided I'd be better off taking that 15 bucks and buying some cheap beer over the weekend while spending a Wednesday night jerking off to questionable age porn and later watching downloaded wrestling pay per views.
Without even being there I can tell you exactly what happened.
Cauldron opened up and no one was there.
Phobia played to a near empty house and smelled like hippies.
Off With Their Heads? Off of the Stage.
Municipal Waste takes the stage, a bunch of short haired nimrods with vests on and PBRs in hand headbang passively while smiling up a storm. Dave Witte drums in back and rethinks his life. No one in the crowd except for the 3 guys that are at the bar and trying to pick up on the trashy skanks that came in to work the crowd for drinks remembers who Human Remains are.

I think this pretty much sums up most MW shows. BARRAFALSE!!!

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