Sunday, 1 November 2009


So what do you know of extreme metal? Where did it come from? Who were the forefathers? Who made who? The simple answer is to take the basic history of metal itself, but that is like saying the sole purpose of the US Civil War was slavery. An answer not only ignorant, but when it boils down to it almost a lie. For every new movement in metal, there are outsiders that are studied, absorbed and given new life in the metal community... These bands that are first to take the influence are usually credited as pioneers, but if they are honest, they admit outright where the path they tread came from. One such example of a band that is partially responsible for so much in metal but are criminally overlooked by younger metal fans because they were from from a world outside of metal were SWANS. Napalm Death themselves say they wouldn't exist without them. Godflesh and Neurosis are their children. Imagine the history of metal without those and so many other bands? So many bands speak of their love for dynamics, SWANS were masters of building tension, depression, evil, violence, power and the ability to absolutely destroy and challenge a listener. In the beginning they were a pioneer of industrial, pounding noise and rhythm to make your teeth bleed with each beat. They moved on, became more introspective as time went on, the vision of Michael Gira , Jarboe and company absolute in its purity. More moody, dark songs followed... softer in delivery, but just as suffocating in spirit. The bare soul of a man who knows how to channel his vision into his work. I cannot recommend this band enough to you, the disciples of Xul.
Absorb each album bit by bit... Some albums may just wash over you with the cleansing power of acid, some may caress your soul, some others may capture it. Begin with Filth for the earlier and more punishing era. The Great Annihilator for the mid era. Then Various Failures for a compilation of their best of the end days. Few bands will ever be more important than this for you to listen to and understand.


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