Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Spaghetti Western

Xul loves the cinema. You've no doubt seen us use a ton of clips from these films already. It takes a special type of film to capture the essence of what Xul loves.
The Spaghetti Western was one such genre of film... Generally low budget and ugly, they focused less on the American "Head em off at the pass!" bullshit that family friendly types sought out in the 40s through 60s.. Then along came the Italians. Cowboys and Indians fighting it out on the range were useless to them. They sought out the Gunslingers, the Anti-Heroes, the politics of Revolution. The spirits of vengeance dragging coffins through the desert. The strangers in black coming to shoot up the town. The mercenary that sold to both sides. All of them proper tasks for the characters of the Spaghetti Western world. In short, grim as fukk. Film badassery was only part of the charm... The other major part of the Spaghetti Western world were the soundtracks... Epic in the truest sense of the word, completely mind bending in their catchiness... Whistling sections getting stuck in your head for a lifetime. One Ennio Morricone soundtrack able to completely destroy most metal bands in terms of its sheer impact. He was not alone though, many others contributed great works to the spaghetti western world. So Xul today presents to you some works that you may have either been curious about, or simply are trying for the first time. By all means listen, and get the films by any means necessary. Essential viewing for the spirit of Xul...


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