Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Blackened death metal usually takes a couple of different schools. One being melodic and Dissection influenced melodeath at heart. Which basically fails to offer any feeling of blackness or death. Thus being not ironically titled, but absolutely irrelevant. Then there is the real blackened death metal. Bands as comfortable with Order From Chaos and Incantation as they are Blasphemy and Beherit. The chaos of music meant to be devoured as a whole, not as a single. These are the bands that become kult and thus ignored by the average metal fans that demand perfect musicianship and clear production. Mitochondrion doesn't fukk around. They hit you again and again and leave you there used, beaten and lying in an alley. They took the money out of your wallet and walked back into the bar to get another beer on your dime.


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