Sunday, 29 November 2009

Axis of Advance

For all the greatness that is metal it has become quite an obvious problem that in this current golden age there are too many filler bands and not enough killer ones.
Undoubtedly fans and bands are to blame for this even more so than labels just looking to fill a niche and line their pockets out of whatever fans are willing to part their cash with. Musicians come from scenes, see their friends getting signed up so in true monkey see monkey do fashion they jump on to do the same. The late 80s with thrash, the early 90s with death , the late 90s with black, the early 00s with melodeath and anyone doing metalcore / deathcore / tech death whatever the fukk they call it this week done today. Either way, count on your hand the amount of innovators in ratio to the amount of imitators. You're going to have a pyramid scheme of metal bands there. Especially now that EVERY band has come back to avoid working their day jobs, it just becomes too much. Bands that were stale back when they existed to begin with coming back to proclaim themselves legends... But as in mythology so goes metal, not every legend is a good one.
Axis of Advance are one of those bands that came from a camp of musicians that did other bands (Sacramentary Abolishment, Conqueror, etc.) , then split up one project or another and focused their efforts on this beast of a band... Lasted for 3 full lengths (a proper amount of time for a career) and then called it a day to focus on new horizons. An incredible fusion of styles and chaos they were on to something special. Now they're gone and left in their wake is no one to take a throne which never existed to begin with. A band that thankfully flew under the radar of the average metal fan while buzzing over their heads. But Xul has no radar, Xul sees all and if worthy Xul reveals you. Behold one of Canada's best exports.


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