Monday, 30 November 2009

Vader / Decrepit Birth / Warbringer / The Amenta / Augury / Lazarus AD / Ossification / Arkaik

November 27th, The Mainstage, Ramona, CA.
My first time hitting this venue after our prior joint sent the promoter packing to hell's hole. That being said Ramona is an easier drive than San Marcos and the venue isn't too bad. Just... country and the beer is overpriced. Fukk 6 bucks a beer.
Anyhow in true Xul fashion we skipped the opening acts and their retrostuffs. I know it brings kids out to see their friends play, but I'm not their friends, so fukk off until you have some original music to offer me. Because I don't have the time to listen to you imitating your heroes badly.
The best part of the night was clearly our approach to the venue, where we got to watch Warbringer get beat up by some locals that ran off shouting their crew name into the night. Apparently it was a couple members of Warbringer and the merch guy from Arkaik. I only wish they would have screamed out "ONSLAUGHT, YOU WIMPS!" at Warbringer, but hey, I take what I can get.
We entered to the last couple of songs by Augury... Who seemed to have quite a buzz about them before arriving... I don't see it, progressive, sure, technical, sure... But nothing special and their vocalist smiles way too fukking much. You can't play death and black metal while you look like you want to hug every member of the crowd for showing up. I could see the guy smiling and ordering blueberry pancakes later on that night with pretty much the same expression as he has when playing and doing vocals. At least it was only a couple of songs worth until The Amenta came out. You loyal readers know damn well Xul supports The Amenta, and they didn't disappoint, really being the only non parking lot brawl event I dug. A 5 song set of mechanized death / black in which most people stared in confusion, not knowing what the fukk was hitting them. Eventually the wimps got into it, by force as their vocalist jumped into the crowd to whip them into a frenzy himself. I furiously headbanged up front to set the example of what these grind nerds need to be paying attention to as they're definitely on the rise. Warbringer came on next whining about being jumped and how tough they were to still be playing Would have been better if their arms had been broken. Dull happy thrash that would have been as stale 20 years ago as it is today. Predictable Gaybay thrash riffs with no heart. I sat on a table and yawned while watching kids smile up a storm at each other. BARRAFALSE! Decrepit Birth's vocalist came out to announce they wouldn't be playing because they kicked out a member of the band and sounding like some wrestling promoter announced they will be back for the Summer Laughter tour. I hope to be out of the Country by then. But hey, he was nice enough to sell "All merch tonight is on sale at cost because we feel so bad!" If they charged for it period, it was too much. Vader took the stage and while undoubtedly they are a good band live, I couldn't help but be bored... After all these years you can definitely see them just going through the motions. My guess it they keep their hair in their faces so the crowd doesn't watch them yawn. I remember them years ago having much more impact live, but hey, they're old now... Legends? Sure...Thankfully for them there are so few bands nipping at their heels to take their spot. Though I suppose Belphegor took their role of "Opening for every tour in the US" spot... Previously held by Goatwhore for a bit. All in all an average night, The Amenta definitely being the highlight, I just wish I had some drugs for this.
Thanks to Xulborg_Dreaden for the camera and pics.

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