Saturday, 21 November 2009


When you take an interesting black metal band with no scene connections to taint them. Give them a few years to figure themselves out. Let them add influence after influence outside of the usual bm fare. Keep adding, keep developing, move on, march on... stop, reflect, rock the fukk out. Solstafir developed into a monster of a band as a result. Progressive in their approach, everything from indie to goth to stoner rock and more added to the mix. Catchy as hell, stuck in your head for days songs introspective... The kind of band you can get high with and go somewhere in your mind. You'll hear a bit of everything with them, but nothing like them. Flying under the radar of most metal fans due to not fitting in any specific genres, they are none the less one of the most interesting bands going today. Plus kudos for the Fields of the Nephilim inspired spaghetti western look. Masterpiece of Bitterness and Kold are where you want to start, then look back at their youth.


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