Sunday, 29 November 2009

Dernière Volonté

Now here is an interesting one for you loyal Xulborgs. A delving into the world of Martial industrial / Military pop... A genre overlooked by most for whatever reasons. At heart the music is triumphant, catchy and march heavy. But it also transports you into the spirit of the times. So many artists in this genre become a bit cliched and focus on the axis side of things. Which gives that unmistakable feel for German aesthetics and attitude, pre 1945 anyhow...
The interesting aspect of Derniere Volonte is that they are French, and you can feel it in their music. More seductive in the structure of the pop melodies and sensibilities, you inevitably end up whistling or humming this music for days... Yet underlying there is also an incredible sadness, the depression of your Nation being occupied or the feeling of dread as you see the enemy's armored divisions looming on the horizon. The earlier work especially focuses more on that depressive angle, while the latter day pushed up the triumphant pop songs.
While not sounding like a normal Xul offering this definitely has its place in the Xuliverse. Pour yourself a glass of something for a light buzz, set some dim light and throw this on. They'll likely be one of the most refreshing listens you have in some time.

Le Poison

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