Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Melencolia Estatica

Surprisingly this is a band that is lead by a female.

Climaxia is her name, and she has total control over both Guitars and Bass, there is no other member involved that gets in the way of these things, which I found interesting.
What does a stupid Italian kunt know about Black Metal? Curious I was, as I'm sure some of you will also be.

Musically speaking, Letum is a bass driven album, and if you gave it enough thought, you'd say that the bass leadership is actually quite good, probably better than her cooking as I'm sure she only knows how to boil pasta from a packet.

The style can be put under Depressive Black Metal, but with Letum, there is a little more there, I wouldn't go and say that DSBM is the ideal genre to give this band, although granted, the lyrical side of things does rest in that realm.

Here are both albums for you to look into.

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  1. they dont have packaged pasta in italy, besides shes italian. of course she can cook.