Monday, 28 December 2009


Awesome french bm band that wasn't focused on the more grim aspects of what French bm would later be known as. A bit melodic and mid paced in their approach they none the less had something different going on. Had an album out on Drakkar and some splits, demos, etc. We included the lp and the apparently very rare split with Nasav here. (which is probably their best material). They claimed to split up due to the "horror of members being in a hardcore band" which would be fukking hilarious if true. As opposed to the usual nonsense of musical differences and egos getting in the way. That or someone just fought over drugs in some hissy fit slap fest.
Oh yeah, after they split up some of them went on to form favorite kiddie band Deathspell Omega, but no one cares about them.


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