Thursday, 3 December 2009

Der Blutharsch

One of the most important bands in the martial industrial movement, and also one of the most interesting ones to follow the evolution of. Starting from the remains of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud (who will one day get their own Xul post), DB began as a more simplistic loop based sound with shouted or spoken words over the militant bombast. Eventually, as all great bands do, the main man got tired of his original efforts and began to bring in outsiders for collaboration to breathe new life into the band. Thus abandoning their militant cultural concept for a militant kink and substance abuse concept, which while always underlying, never really had the chance to come to the surface as it eventually did. The drugs run deep and the music runs more meaningful as a result. The music is a bit stiff and ambient in the early days, and extremely playful in the later days... Borrowing from many sources, in particular a strong Ennio Morricone feel. Obviously everything should be devoured ravenously. But due to the incredible amount of material available here, might I suggest you start with albums like "The pleasures received in pain" and "The track of the hunted" for the early days, "Time is the enemy" and "When all else fails!" for the mid era transition, and then the full blown fun of "The philosopher's stone" "When did wonderland end?", "Flying high!" and "Everything is alright!" for the latter day.. Do grab them all if you find this band interesting, they have a lot to offer.


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