Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Here we have Darvulia, a French Black Metal band.


Their tone is akin to early Mutiilation, but do not fear...

While they borrow certain twisted circus elements from Mutiilation, I believe they actually do things alot better, for one the production is clear and two, the song writing is alot better, this wasn't created under a wheelchair.

Dark riffs tend to be the thing, along with twisted and demented Mutiilation-lite leads from time to time this can become quite hypnotic, so don't listen to these albums whilst you're crossing the road, you could just end up dead, or in tears.

By no means is this offering you anything new in Black Metal's universe, no, it is simply solid, however if you dislike Mutiilation and other related French acts, you'll more than likely spit at this, in fact, you'll probably hate this if you're not a fan of French BM in general, as it does stink of the stuff.


  1. Xul posts a lot of shitty rip-off bands. This isn't like Mutiilation. This is a bad Deathspell Omega.

  2. Sounds nothing like infernal battles fuck off