Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Buyer's Market

Peter Sotos is a fascinating man. One that turns the accepted world you live in and shoves its true hypocrisy right back at you. You cry victim / You cry wolf. You want justice? / You want revenge. You want to see people punished for abusing children? / You want to see the children abused, as long as there is justice / revenge to give you a smile at the end. To send you off.. happy, perhaps with a mild cum stain in your pants or some vaginal secretions in your underwear? Wolves in sheep's clothing you all are... A hungry massive mob that devours everything possible in the human condition. You are diseased, only without feeling it. Thinking you are the cure. The African raping the Virgin to cure his AIDS. Your intentions may seem noble, but the end result is the same. You say you love your children, yet you love to watch the stories of other children being tortured, just to feel better about being a parent. Then when it comes around you become that same model for a victim, "Never to anyone else...", you relish in your new role as a martyr to some cause to save whatever useless offspring someone else spawned. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, you contribute to a Buyer's Market.

Truly one of the most life changing experiences Xul will give you. Listen at your own risk, this is not for the squeamish, and we are not fukking around.


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