Thursday, 17 December 2009


Now I know what you may be thinking, but stop right there.

Xul is only going to present to you the first two full length alums by Setherial, because they are pretty killer.

Nord is such a great album that I think is often over looked, but why? the massive atmosphere created on this disc is wonderful, the cover work captures the essence of what you hear on this album, and that is coldness and nocturnal delight. Quite broad in its scope I've never gotten tired of this album, it holds its own despite what these Swedes got themselves into later on in life (Joining the line of half-assed Dark Funeral followers).

Lords of The Nightrealm, breakneck drumming(pinned down by a convicted murderer at that) that shits on anything that whole "SPEEDY-SWEDE" BM movement has done and with an underproduced sound to it, it's a dark little gift to fill your stocking with.

Sadly, this band took the path so many others have done, lost their creative urges, changed their line up one too many times, and settled for being slightly "popular".

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