Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Night and the Fog

Back in the mid 90s when Satan was no longer evil enough, a few bands began shifting to the concept of National Socialist ideology. The traditional concepts of Satan and pentagrams were swapped out with Hitler and Swastikas. This either became a new shock to some, or a source of total comedy to others. Especially amusing since the stronghold of NS bands tends to be Eastern Europe of all places. One can rationalize that especially in Nations that were invaded by the Nazis that the use of their imagery would be an even more taboo subject matter there. Over time the focus of NS ideology has shifted to more traditional right wing approaches of National Pride, racial identity and having kids. Which when you think about it, basically has nothing to do with what the original concepts of black metal are about. The bands themselves realizing in general shifted to a more "pagan" sound which was more based on acoustic interludes and semi traditional folk music. Now getting to this compilation, The Night and the Fog was more or less the crown jewel of NS material, featuring a good deal of the older bands of the style. Note that track 16 is not Perunwit, but Kraina Bez Wiatru, who really do probably the most effective song on the entire release with its all acoustic tune. Xul offers this one up for the fans of music, not politics. Whine all you want about their beliefs, Xul does not care. It's just human behavior in our eyes, and we're not concerned with being human.


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