Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Current 93

The ultimate accomplishment of an artist is the ability to take their medium, tap into some force that gives a life of its own to their creation and as such, create magic.
Current 93 is a collaborative effort of incredible musicians and sonic manipulators lead by ringmaster David Tibet, who has been leading this charge since the late 70s. The project itself is almost impossible to describe and give justice to, but to attempt to sum it up... They began their work as an early industrial outfit experimenting with sounds, drones, tones and vocals that created some of the most haunting material ever recorded, period. But it wasn't just empty evil going on, as the occult studies of Tibet and co. were channeled into this sound with the spirit of Crowley (whom the name Current 93 is taken from) and others. As Tibet grew weary of this sound he began collaborating and experimenting with most of the World Serpent crew. This leading to the project's most prolific era. Experimental folk music became the new motif. This, with a few other artists also involved in this project, was essentially the rise of Apocalyptic Folk, or Neofolk. Troubadours at the party to celebrate man's accomplishments at the end of the world. With so many artists involved in Current 93 at this time (Death In June, Sol Invictus, Coil, Nurse With Wound to name just a few of many...) they produced some of their most celebrated and magical works. Philosophically all over the place as well... no stone lays unturned for Tibet and company. Their later efforts leading into modern day are the product of a man that is seriously looking more within himself and his books. Poetry over pianos, mild chamber music sets and spoken words... Then, to top it all off, the greatest mystery of them all. Releasing all albums as one, the sound of an entire catalog playing at the same time. (The Great In The Small). This is by no means an easy band to understand, nor should it. Magic is to be learned and studied... Current 93 is magic, and demands your time, patience and understanding to unfold its secrets. Start with releases like Thunder Perfect Mind, Earth Covers Earth and All the Pretty Little Horses for their neofolk era, then Swastikas for Noddy as an evolution between the folk and industrial. Dawn and Live at Bar Maldoror for their early industrial sounds. Emblems for a collective of hits and b-sides. Then everything else as it strikes your fancy to explore. Once you get through those treasures you will want to keep digging. Expect more to be added to this collective as well.


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