Monday, 14 December 2009

Gods Tower

Pagan Doom... such an amusing concept that unfortunately rarely ends in the actual demise of pagan thinwimps. The truly unfortunate part is that the adding of "pagan" to any genre of metal tends to result in the same predictable nonsense. A few acoustic guitar and pan flute interludes and some moron whining on about trees being burned while sounding like the Swedish Chef. You call that something your "ancient strong willed ancestors" would be proud of? One shot of that nonsense and they'd likely have smashed themselves in their heads with their battle hammers and axes just to make sure you never came out of the genetic pipeline. Yet here we are with a band that somehow managed to actually have a "pagan" influence and do something interesting with it.. Gods Tower came and went with a couple of albums and then disappeared. Like so many tribes of the past. Fantastic stuff with a vocalist sounding something akin to a drunken karaoke singer. (i.e. authentic). Plus an unusual lead guitar tone that really did feel like something pulled from an older time. Definitely an older sounding band that definitely could have been only produced from Eastern Europe (Belarus).


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