Sunday, 20 December 2009

Test Dept.

We at Xul have expressed our appreciation / adoration for early industrial before... So here we are providing another glimpse into the pioneers of the genre. The UK's Test Dept. were one such act that set the standards for pounding drum work. Breaking away from some of their contemporaries with their clanging and machine manipulation, the approach of Test Dept. was far more rhythmic in use. Mixing metal sounds with incredible percussion work. Man and the machine united in common struggle., which set the framework for their basic ideology. Being extremely socialist in nature. (which is really quite refreshing from the usual right wing or anarchistic leanings of politics in industrial, metal, etc.) Test Dept. stand up for what they believe in, attended protests, released albums in collaboration with various groups, evolved into some electronic experimentation and eventually called it a day. Presented is nowhere near their full discography, but a good taste of what they represent. Tactics for Evolution represents their later more electronica stylings, while all else is a firm placement in their prime. Highly recommended.


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