Thursday, 24 December 2009

XUL 300

Just as each galactic parsec marker is passed, we close in on and surpass another. Each a reminder of the trials and tribulations of the Xulim and their goal of Galaxy Domination.
Not without sacrifices and loss does our mission go on. For what once was seven, is currently five. Yet despite our losses we trudge on through space. The NebulaCruiser Xul is still the greatest ship in the Xuliverse, and our resolve does not waver. Planets are still left in dust after strip mining operations. Paganwimps are still killed en masse and fatwhores are still captured and turned into pleasure model Xulborgs. Xul has been bloodied, but not beaten. Xul moves on. Xul is victory. Xul is the light. Xul is life.

We share with you a recent sensor scan that revealed the body of Kermadec_Xul as he floats through space... cold and frozen.

While the death of Thulsa_Xul is still an item of mystery, we can only assume he has fallen.
Dropship photography has revealed this photo, directed at the signal for his personal distress beacon.

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