Monday, 7 December 2009


Another discovery for December, well to be honest, I'd heard of VEGA an age ago but never bothered to throw myself at them.
I mentioned this to Nihilus Xul the other day, and upon mentioning album titles such as "Cocaine" and "Alienforest" he rightfully pointed out just what I had been thinking..
"This is Xul material" and it is.
We get a great mix of even greater things here, love Abigor?...Yes Abigor being just one of the bands you can hear within VEGA, the others just don't spring to mind, but upon listening to these albums, you'll get stuck in the same cloud as well.
Cocaine and Alienforest are worth special attention...the latter was recorded first and released second, which means that Cocaine features alot of songs on Alienforest only with a better production. That doesn't mean Alienforest isn't worth your listening time, as within this album there are some of Xul's favourite flavours, namely Cyber elements.
Industrial and Cyber sonic waves feature all over this bands work, electronics are here and used in a special way, you could even forget at times that you're listening to a Metal album on Alienforest, but thankfully, it punches you in the face at just the right moment, and after that you're on edge, looking out for those fists flying your way.
As a whole VEGA are an interesting listen, so if you have a few hours on your hands, listen to these Xul offerings and remember that the musically/lyrical theme only has one element to it "Insanity".
For a band that is fronted by an Italian, this doesn't sound much like anything I've ever heard from Italy, save maybe a few killer Aborym songs, the other two members are Norwegians, but it sounds quite clear that this is one Xulborgs mission, and he eats grim-pasta.
We have....
Cocaine, Alienforest & their latest release Far From You, which should be the last you listen to.

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