Sunday, 27 December 2009

Master's Hammer

While Maniac Butcher may be the Kings of Czech black metal, Master's Hammer are the Gods that overlook them. Their history dating back to the early 80s, these guys were there for the formative years of what the genre would become. Only their approach was so out of left field that it would take years for their brilliance to catch on. Even then, only as a kult favorite band.
They're primarily known for their 3 albums, 2 being metal classics (Ritual and The Jilemnice Occultist) and the third being the ultimate "Fukk you" album... (Slagry).
Truly though, this band is one of those that thrives on being demented genius, not demented as in cruel, but in the sheer power of mind trickery going on. You never quite know what they've got up their sleeve, and you probably don't want to. You just want to see what tricks they pull out to show you, not everything they know. Osmose jumped on these guys in their early days, probably expected a lot more from them and when MH got tired of it all, they gave them Slagry, an album so confusing that it probably caused Herve to shit himself and realize he's not making any money on this gem... So off to Kron H it went. They recently reunited and we were nice enough to provide their new album as well. Plus their fairly rare tribute album, featuring a bunch of Czech bands as well. Bonus points for a guitarist named Necrocock.. Seriously, top that.


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