Thursday, 31 December 2009

Death In June

Part 2 in Xul's Lessons on the Holy Trinity of Neofolk. Death In June can be argued as being the most important band of the style. As it was creator and visionary Douglas Pearce's guitar that played on the folk albums of the before mentioned Current 93. In addition to being the band that once contained future Sol Invictus head Tony Wakeford.
Such a tricky and deceptive beast is DIJ... Their sound beginning with Joy Division influenced post punk and developing into a band so recognizable that one can instantly identify a song by them within a few moments of listening. The writing may be one of formula, but it's a formula that has been tried and battle tested. Which is probably one the most hypnotic bands you will ever hear. The term magic has been being used here to describe a few incredible acts posted recently. Really, it's the only words that fits this band well. Complete and utter magic. Conceptually so fascinating, lyrically haunting and vocally hypnotizing, you get sucked into this World of Douglas' weaving. Politically ambiguous and allegorical, he is never one to come out directly with what he is saying. Thus leaving so much to the interpretation of the listener. The aesthetics are militant, part of fetish culture and his own personal lifestyle choices and interests.
Use your morality as you like, but you will never find a band quite like Death In June, period.
Let the music carry you where it will and let it wash over you. Begin with Disc-criminate as a compilation. Then the choices of eras... My personal recommendations are Rose Clouds of Holocaust.. But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?.. Nada!... Take Care and Control! and Burial to get your feet wet. Then if you like what you find, paint the rest of the picture as you see fit. Do investigate this band as they truly are something special in this World.


Xul is offering an incredibly large amount of material here. As Death In June has quite an extensive back catalog we will give you a little guide to the works here. Albums, singles / eps, live official and live bootlegs. As taken from wikipedia.


The Guilty Have No Pride(1983)
Burial (1984)
Nada! (1985)
The World That Summer (1986)
Brown Book (1987)
The Wall of Sacrifice (1989)
Ostenbraun (collaboration with Les Joyaux De La Princesse) (1989)
But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter? (1992)
Rose Clouds of Holocaust (1995)
Death In June Presents: Occidental Martyr (1995)
Death In June Presents: Kapo! (1996)
Take Care and Control (1998)
Operation Hummingbird (2000)
All Pigs Must Die (2001)
The Rule of Thirds (2008)


Cathedral of Tears(1993)
Sun Dogs 1994)
Kameradschaft (1998)
Passion! Power!! Purge!!! (1998)


The Guilty Have No Paste (bootleg)
The Phoenix is Rising
Oh How We Laughed
Night and Fog
Only Europa Knows
Frankfurt Sound Depot
Something is Coming
Black Angel Live!
White Hand of Death (bootleg)
Zum Nussbaum (bootleg)


Lesson 1 Misanthropy
93 Dead Sunwheels
The Corn Years
The Cathedral of Tears
Free Tibet!
Abandon Tracks!

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