Monday, 28 December 2009

Lux Occulta

Poland had an exciting scene going on during the explosion of the second wave of black metal.
Behemoth oddly became the most popular band to come out of it (after much stylistic change), yet back then, Lux Occulta were one of the most talked about bands. A bit more original in style with a bit of a introspective melodic and mid paced nature, they evolved quite a bit as they went on. By the time they reached their pinnacle of My Guardian Anger they were set to break out, only to be stifled by their own creativity. The follow up and final album The Mother and The Enemy was an experimental album done before its time, heavily written in moody jazz as a backdrop that was built upon. No one cared, they called it a day. A shame really, they had something special going. Start with My Guardian Anger, their most aggressive album.


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