Saturday, 2 January 2010


As Xul marches into the new decade, goals are important for conquest and subversion / conversion of global thinwimp populaces. The sheer dedication of a Xulim is a proud feature, and we begin this decade with a small sample. One year in the ambitions of Xul.

Algol_Xul: I resolve to remain a piece of shit

Tractus_Xul: to listen to more Manowar, inject myself to glory, and drive more fat chicks to suicide.

Nihilus_Xul: Early developments of the Xul Cartel and eventually using the profits to make low budget sex films starring the children of various chatwimps that need the money.

Namru_Xul: I'm not into time man.

Belum_Xul: The only thing I want to do this year is "rape my first man".

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