Sunday, 17 January 2010


Aran of Lunar Aurora.
Ambient/Black Metal. Mostly Ambient and not bad at that. Also an artist, Aran has created all this projects covers as well as the logo(Not to mention alot of the Lunar Aurora covers, as well as some bands over the last few years like Horna and TotalSelfHatred).
Now the music, you'll either really enjoy and "get" or you won't, so those who don't fukk off and go make a chairty donation, you feeble twat.
Start with Hin-Fort which is a double disc album, Hin featuring a single song of over 70's minutes, which includes uninspiried hypnotic Black Metal guitars, and Fort is the ambient side of things.
Move onto Willenskraft next which is the 2009 album and is more of a complete work in the sense that the whole album is a mix of the two styles.

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