Thursday, 21 January 2010


At the time of death metal's stagnancy and black metal's rise in the early 90s there were those that wanted to break down the structure of what extreme metal had become and go completely off the wall in sound. Abruptum was one band that was the result of this. Coming across as improv musicians so wasted on heroin that they could hardly play... their focus instead shifted to creating an unsettling atmosphere. One of horror, tension, dread... a black basement with you chained to a wall, watching the slow and deliberate torture of your cell mates. Begging only that your death will be more gentle and quicker than the tormented screams and howls of the victims that come before you. A tongue removed here, a kneecap pried off there.. All the while with some madman staring and keeping a rhythmic pace that matters only to them at the time.
They summed it up best themselves "The Audial Essence of Pure Black Evil". This is a collection of their earlier works and albums. Just try and keep your sanity during this, Just Fukking Try.


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