Wednesday, 13 January 2010


One of the most schizophrenic movements of cyber black metal ever created. The entire purpose of Choronzon is to exist to serve that demonic current the project is named for and I'll be fukked if it's not only pulled off, but voiced by Choronzon itself. An absolute mindfukk of a project and sound here, layers swirling all over the place over chaos chaos chaos chaos FUKKING HELL! Yeah, it's that good. Words fail it... Listening you are driven to violence, possessed by Choronzon, doing the deeds of Choronzon and running out the door to quickly murder any passersby that even dare add their voice to the noise coming out of your speakers.
Literally, this will drive you to do some acts of fun. Breaking into your neighbors to violate the anus of that crying baby never felt so good as when Choronzon was blasting as your fukktrakk.
This is the sonic equivalent of burning your candle at both ends... the energy is fantastic, but you know that you are dying all that much faster... Not only essential, but XUL absolutely orders you to listen. Panic Pandemic to begin with and then flush out the rest of your system. Pray to whatever God or void you wish, Xul has found a sibling spirit, and its name is Choronzon.


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