Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Chapter 3 in Xul's exploration into the works of the late great Rozz Williams. Here we have one of his later projects in the form of Heltir. One of his more difficult projects for sure. As it was essentially an industrialized beat poetry for the nihilistic. Something akin to sitting in a jazz club that was invaded by a goths that knew how to groove, daddy-o. This is his sound of San Francisco... City life and a vibrant filth permeating through the cracks of enlightened civilization. The beauty of hookers walking the streets, junkies begging on the corners so they can run to the park to score another bag. Drunks slashing each other with bottles. The chemically imbalanced screaming at the world as they wander through another night of madness... All while some pseudo-sophisticated uptight morons gobble down their fusion cuisine, sip their wine and think how it's sad that everyone can't live equally. Very experimental, especially when compared to his prior works. More industrial and ambient in nature than the goth laced works of his past. The underneath current is still carrying on with his drug infused concepts... Oh it shows, it shows, and we listen, and appreciate. Some people are just born to burn out quickly...


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