Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fields of the Nephilim

Masters of the rock oriented world of goth, Fields of the Nephilim were at the top of the heap stylistically in the 80s. Taking a Pink Floyd influence, dabbling with Iron Maiden and old Western music, adding it to their 4AD palette in the process, then washing it it all down with some occultism themed material... all wrapped up in goths gone spaghetti western appearances. That difficult to attain but perfect blend of both sound and look in order to create that mystical aura to a band. They had it for sure. Very psychedelic in their own ways, this is one of those bands that is usually easy for metal fans to cross over into as their first forays into real gothic music. Capturing you with that spirit of other worldly dream state they sweep you away in their currents. One moment you're in the Old West, the next you're on the astral plane contemplating how you will ever get home again. The next driving down the highway without a care in the world as you feel death surrounding you on all angles with a welcome blanket of fuzzed out opiate warmth. Truly powerful stuff to absorb here and definitely not a band that can even begin to be scratched with just a casual surface listen. The band themselves eventually dissolved with vocalist Carl McCoy forming a more Ministry influenced outfit simply known as "The Nefilim", who released one lp (Zoon) included here for the sake of including it... Plus it's just one dark album.
You're going to want to start here with Revelations, then once that is a bit digested work your way towards Dawnrazor and Elizium and The Nephilim. Enjoy, as this is one of the finest examples of 80s goth that ever existed.


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