Friday, 22 January 2010

Abigor - Time is the sulphur in the veins of the saint

Abigor's newest effort... Just like with the material from Fractal Possession PK has concentrated on doing whatever the hell he wants with the project, taking it in odd twists and disjointed turns. Long gone are the classic days of this band and in fitting fashion of Xul, he killed the pagan nonsense in favor of the cold textures of industrial influenced material to give heed to the coming age of plasteel. Abigor in general has been developing in an interesting way since the God awful Satanized, which eventually saw the temporary end to the long running project. I believe this can probably be looked at as PK reaching for more than he was capable of at the time. Wanting to add industrial texture and layering to an already layered style and sound without yet having the understanding of how to apply it. Once he took time away to learn what he needed, he returned with a vengeance and coldness that really revitalized the Abigor sound.
A 2 track album, it's definitely going to take some involved listening to fully wrap your head around it, as it's all over the place... and we mean that in a good way. Good to hear a new voice from one of Xul's all time favorites.


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