Saturday, 23 January 2010


Poland's black metal tradition has a rich history now... Full of bands that have formed, evolved, peaked, collapsed, disappeared or gone on to legendary status. But back in those old days there were still many stories to tell from the new bands. Behemoth were worshiping Emperor and still playing black metal. Graveland hadn't made a second career out of plagiarizing Bathory's Hammerheart yet.. Christ Agony hadn't gone goth and back again. Lux Occulta existed, period. And Pagan Records had the monopoly on the young scene. In that time Sacrilegium came and made an interesting mark. They shot out of a cannon with one of the most lethal demos to ever come out of Polish black metal in Sleeptime, then progressively got more evolved in their songwriting with the full length Wicher. Either growing bored or just too good for their own shoes, they blew it on their later demos and eventually just faded into obscurity. Definitely rooted in second wave black metal, something was different here though. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to do, and did it... Then did too much. But still, the good stuff is a proud legacy to leave behind. Xul offers you three releases from this band. The amazing Sleeptime demo, The Wicher lp, and their split with fellow Polish band North. Definitely go for Sleeptime first.


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