Monday, 4 January 2010

Reusmarkt - Echo

As you Xulborgs are aware, Xul is firmly against treehugging and ovary worship. Reusmarkt can be filed as a pagan band, but there are no flutes here, there's no song titles to hint at what the subject matter might be, and there's a pond reflecting the cosmos on the cover. Space aint hippies, brothers. Space aint hippies.

There are ambient tracks before each black metal one on this album. They shouldn't be looked at as filler or intermission, but an intergral part of this albums atmosphere. This is a deep, evocative listening experience. Dark and meditative, while lush and melodic. The mechanized drum sound is akin to machines of armageddon coming to life. The guitar tone; the rusty chain drives which allows them to mobilize. The bass is nothing but a cavernous hum filling the void created by the astral synth work.

If there is only one post of mine you were to check out, I would highly recommend it be this one.


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  1. Not to mention Hyozt was in a band called Xul.