Sunday, 31 January 2010

"What is in there?"

By the time Supuration's "The Cube" was released (1993) one could arguably affirm that Death Metal had reached a crossroads. The relative success of genre defining classics such as Entombed's "Left hand path", Morbid Angel's "altars of madness", Carcass's "Necroticism-Descanting the insalubrious",Death's "Leprosy",Deicide's "st" and so forth paved way for countless copycat bands to jump on the DM bandwagon causing the genre to get over saturated by all these cheap (mis)interpretations of what others had already achieved before.Coincindentally or not this coincided with many older bands broadening their horizons by adding all sorts of elements to what was perceived as the Death metal sound they helped forge years earlier.Pestilence,Death,Morbid Angel are just 3 examples of bands which began dabbling with other forms like Jazz,Industrial,Classical music and so forth...Supuration's "The Cube" was created in this environment yet for various reasons(country of origin,labels,too visceral for the pseudo-sophisticated metal fan/too intricate for the Cannibal kids blah blah blah) it was condemned to obscurity... an intertwining amalgam of Psychedelia,Voivod-isms,new wave/post punk gravitating towards a Death metal core is what Supuration opt to sound like on this 40 minute journey into the afterlife.

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