Saturday, 2 January 2010


One hell of an old Finnish death metal band that definitely had some dark as fukk death metal going on in the early 90s... Til they blew it.
Like so many before them they started off with all guns blazing, lasted 2 albums and an ep with it, then ruined everything with the stylistic change album (3). In this case the change resulted in taking was what once was some evil sounding death metal and turning it into some dull rock band that pissed all over everything the band had stood for before. No doubt due to the loss of a key writer and guitarist. Either way, Xul digs this one up from the past and gives you their 3 outstanding albums, and their inferior album, just for sick humor. Amusingly enough it was the lineup for 3 that more or less became the farm club for Impaled Nazarene.


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