Saturday, 23 January 2010

Shadow Project

The second installment of the works of Rozz Williams here at Xul, this time we focus on Shadow Project. One of the more accessible works due to his mixing pretty much the bulk of the established rock world at the time and throwing in everything, including the kitchen sink. It was basically an outlet for himself and fellow scene queen Eva O., who he later went on to marry. Definitely goth / death rock in its heart, it also mixed in some metal, punk, 70's glam, sleaze rock... and for good measure, a final acoustic album. Just like with Christian Death, Rozz presents an interesting but difficult world to peer into... Drug laced for sure (like everything the man does, you'd swear he was a walking opium pod), you get the idea of what is coming, grooving out to the music and then realizing that this is welcoming death for you. Friends that drugged you when you came over and are secretly enjoying the final conversations of your life as the poison begins to sink in... And you wasted it all talking about the weather. They always did tell you to be more interesting. At least those final twitches of your rapidly fading consciousness provided some sadistic entertainment. And really, isn't that all we ask for?
Start with the self titled or Dreams of the Dying. Then enjoy From The Heart (acoustic) and the live album (from 93!) .


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