Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows

Music as art, and art as music... When the artists themselves go through a transformation in order to present the picture and imagery for the living art they create. Such is the odd tale of one Anna Varney Cantodea of the amazing Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows.
An evolved form of goth that moved into wonderfully arranged and almost cinematic structures of chamber works adopted to goth sensibilities and rock sounds. One can draw some parallels to an act like Devil Doll at times. This makes for an amazing atmosphere of elegance... Of a form of music that few can even begin to approach. Subtlety, beauty and the joy of isolation and depression. The power of creating a world of your own to play in, in your own dwelling. To make your own party, your own theme, your own life and eventually, your own funeral. Watching the flowers you pick die in the vase and enjoying their decomposition.
This is oddly upbeat music at times, considering the subject matter of depression that is such a basis for so much of the project. A conquering of ones fears while still living in their shell is a good idea to what the mind of Anna is all about. All with a lovely mix of sarcasm, cynicism and broken romanticism. Surely one of the most unique projects you'll ever come across, and one highly recommended, as all Xul Lessons are. 2003's The Vampyre sucking at its own vein is an excellent place to start, as is 2004's Flowers in Formaldehyde, or even the Dead Lovers Sarabande albums. But remember... this is a project to enjoy the full discography of, and so Xul presents it for you.


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