Monday, 25 January 2010

Blacklodge - T/ME

Blacklodge, the name synonymous with the future of black metal. Industrialized chaos and hallucinogen trips to Planet Satan. Oh yes oh yes how Xul adores you.. What we have here is their newest effort and a sister album to Abigor's own new fantastic piece to Digital Satan.
If you're familiar with their prior works (both can be found here on Xul) then you know what to expect. Quality cyber black metal of the first rate. For sure one of the leading bands of the genre now and a band rapidly on the ascent. Attach razors to those glowsticks now, folks... Because this dance can be lethal. Syringes are also truly a medium to enjoy. This just keeps getting better and better. Now at their third and critical album, where will they turn next? Now isn't the time to ponder though, as it is time to enjoy this Quality T/ME... and oh how it is T/ME well spent.


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