Monday, 14 September 2009

Thorns - Stigma Diabolicum

Demos/Best of.
This is an important collection of songs when it comes to Norwegian Black Metal in the early 90's being as though most of those young hoodlums would have heard Thorns/Stigma Diabolicum before putting out anything of their own, minus Mayhem....I believe this is a link, as well as Burzum as to why Euronymous ended up making DMDS and not another Deathcrush. With some material created and released in 1989, and riffs reused in DMDS this is an essential listen, even for non-die-hard Thorns fans. It's essential listening and shows that Snorre wasn't just a get away driver.
1. Aerie Descent 04:56
2. Funeral Marches to the Grave 05:16
3. Lovely Children 03:28
4. Fairytales 04:025. Fall 02:19
6. Thule 06:51
7. Home 06:43
8. You That Mingle May 02:43
9. Into the Promised Land 03:16
10. Lacus de luna 05:07
11. Mare frigoris 02:18
12. Into the Promised Land 02:15
13. Lacus de luna 03:24
14. Thule 06:36
15. Fall 02:41
Total playing time 01:01:55

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