Monday, 21 September 2009

It's official this is an Enthroned free zone.

We've all listened to Enthroned, and hopefully, we've all realized by now that Enthroned are good at one thing, making the same album year after year.
This goes for other such bands, for example, Horna...
Such bands are able to produce standard text book Black Metal, which is dangerous if they happen to be one of the first bands you get into, and then get SUCKED into, you'll deny how boring and dull they are to anyone, you'll mourn the recent loss of their vocalist, (whoever he is, I'm not quite sure, nor do I care because it really matters that little.)and generally find yourself drooling over the prospect of anything that might involve members in the future.
Every part timer knows such a band, or twenty just as well as deep down, Xul is whispering to you, that they are toilet, (A band Xul disposes all previous tried and tested useless riffs to and flushes deep into their brains)he knows they have nothing new to add to Black Metal, but these bands survive, because playing it safe never killed anyone which in their case is tragic. Corpse paint by numbers if you will.
Because safety sells.

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