Friday, 18 September 2009


... by the force of sacred magic rites...
Symphony Satanikka
Darklord, ugly, technical and absolutely insane chaos from Australia dating back to the early 90s.
While fanboys were busy gushing the overhyped war metal sound from down under, these guys flew under the radar by not being prolific at all. Truly the definition of a kult band, few assaults ever reached for where they were going. The demo cd "by the force of sacred magic rites" was one of the ugliest things I had ever heard. While the follow up lp "Symphony Satanikka" took symphonic black metal to an area a band like emperor could only dream of touching. Double guitars used in order to play both insanely down tuned rhythms and leads on the other neck, vocals from a cave and an unrelenting assault on your ears is what you can expect. Truly one of the great gems of Australia.

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