Wednesday, 14 April 2010

XUL 500!

The Xulim have trudged on in their need to infect the Xuliverse with their sounds and concepts. After many battles, losses and victories the Xulim returned home to the m:1 sector, wiser for their experiences and collective galactic plundering.

As we look back to our beginnings we see a simple AI learning for itself what was to be expected of it as the Xulim began to push the NebulaCruiser Xul to the unexplored corners of existence. As it grew the collective hive mind of the Xulim grew. It realized it needed to cast off elements of itself in order to grow. Stronger for the experience of shooting its weaker elements out of an airlock. The Xulim set their sights on focusing on the greater goal. The defeat of its first opposition. The Luvanicron. What sent the Xulim scattering from their homeworld to begin with began to follow them, a mind dedicated to destroying the ideals of Xul. It came with weapons systems locked and incinerated the surface of Homeworld in the m:1 sector. NebulaCruiser Xul fired up its ion engines and warped on to other sectors. Always studying the Luvanicron to understand its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In time its estrodroids were able to even conquer a Xulim and Thulsa_Xul fell in battle, as chronicled in our past Xul Ex Machina posts. The weaknesses were eventually revealed, and swarm after swarm of suicidal Xulborgs were unleashed on the Luvanicron itself. Where cannon fire had failed, cannon fodder would succeed. In time the Xulim themselves would launch an all out assault and send one of their own hurtling into the half organic heart of the Luvanicron itself, armed with explosives of Xul design. Belum_Xul was chosen for this task, and completed his mission of setting the explosives as the Luvanicron was distracted by the oncoming swarms of Xulborgs. The Xuliverse itself stopped for a moment, and the heart of the Luvanicron exploded, setting off a chain reaction that nearly ripped open the fabric of space itself. Even Belum_Xul could not escape this blast, and as a result his damaged frame was brought back to NebulaCruiser Xul and eventually reawakened. His mind semi shattered from the experience, his name would be changed to reflect the onset of a new era for the Xulim. With the Luvanicron's network of estrodroids falling from the atmospheres of their planets as inert pieces of junk, the formerly explored worlds were once again free to recolonize. The Xulim found the radiation levels of Homeworld to be tolerable, and reestablished themselves in their dominion. Reaching out now to lash out at a universe ready for the plunder.

So, our loyal Xulborgs, you may ask... Where do the Xulim go from here? The answer? Everywhere. Xulim operations are expanding in a multitude of different directions. Our new prototype armor operation is currently behind schedule, awaiting a Xulim council to decide the aesthetic value for maximum effectiveness of battlefield terror tactics.
Audio warfare division will continue on as has been our staple. New strains of aural bacteria are being researched for your use and abuse.
Interrogations are to begin shortly with subjects responsible for the creation of these various strains. We must know the full scope of these weapons, not just that they simply work.
Xul Creations will be our new strain for projects, with various battle tested veterans and new recruits alike.

And as for the Xulim themselves? Tractus_Xul is currently exploring new concepts in pornographic exploitation. Narkoun_Xul is at work in the forge of the Xul Cartel. Namru_Xul is lurching behind with damaged engines to catch back up with the rest of the Xul fleet.
Algol_Xul is going through an active system analysis. Nazgul_Xul (formerly Belum) is establishing his home base in the nebular clouds in the m:1 sector. Nihilus_Xul is securing the resources for constructing the Xul compound.

Xul is just getting started. ALL HAIL XUL!

---End Of Line---

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  1. Onward Xulim Soldiers. Hail Xul! Hail Xulim! Onward and Outward to the outer realms. Go forth and spread Xul.