Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The ability to create a fictional universe within your head. With cultures, languages, beliefs, landscapes and history. Surely in the terms of art, can there be any greater ability than to think up a universe that others believe in and chronicle? The impact of Tolkien is well noted throughout the history of metal culture. But none were ever so able to capture the pure essence of the work like Summoning. Their primitive roots gave birth to a monster no one could have expected... Fusing darkwave with black metal in an idea that no one had touched before, or really even could begin to touch since. These are the masters of their craft, the true weavers of the tales at the fire, passing down their stories to the captivated crowd as their faces move with shadow as the flames flicker. The telling of the tales is a simple formula, but one that is incredibly effective. Bombast, atmosphere, length... Each 6-10 min song taking its time and repeating its themes to you in order to sink itself deep into your psyche so that you remember the tales yourself to pass down one day. So many others have tried since, but none have ever been as fanciful of a speaker as Summoning. Start with Stronghold to initiate yourself. Then look back to Dol Guldur and Nightshade Forests. From there you will be properly initiated into the world of Summoning to seek out the rest of their works.


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